Volcano - Mountain with hiccups

Day 0
Started by midnight from Chennai to KL Malaysia with a layover off 3 hours. Reached in the morning hours around 9.30 to 10.00. The next flight was from Jakarta to Yogyakarta which was scheduled in the evening hours. Took the airline train from international airport & reached terminal 1 A which is about 15 minutes. Pricked with hunger & laundering through the domestic airport for food. Managed to pick up something edible after a hunt of 20 minutes. The night travel made me tiresome, found a complete bench and slept for 2.5 hours in the lousy hot airport. Flight was delayed by 30 minutes and finally landed when the sun was settling down. The hostel was around 10 kms, took transjogya and reached the nearby place and while I was figuring out the exact location, shopkeeper offered a help to drop me which was just minutes away. Though i was trying to figure the next day plan and work out a scooter, nothing was clicking by & then went to sleep.


Day 1 - Bhoomi Hostel
Woke up at 3 am with a headache and puking, decided it to sleep it off. Again at 9ish was trying to refresh and get some coffee and food with hostel mates. Post 30 minutes Nausea & vomiting triggered severely and thereon couldn't even drink water. This speaks the rest of the day in the bed and restroom patiently on a fast & sleep mode. Lara helped me to get some fruits and yogurt drink which helped me to recover by evening. Later part of the evening got refreshed and went to the supermarket and purchased survival food for next few days. At that point of that time I never knew this supermarket would be my Akshyapatra. Meanwhile got the internet package, scooter booked for the next day. As I was curling up whole day, slept quite late with my roommates turning in late. Have lost a planned day & other bookings needs to be taken care, still slept in peace for few hours. It shall be taken care!
What you give, will come back
My Staple

Day 2 - Jomblang Caves & Prambanan temple
Woke up tired at 6 am, refreshed and started to Jomblang in the scooter with the help of Map. The route was pretty straight, scenic, hilly and reached the spot around 10.00 am. Paid for the ticket and waited around for my slot 18. Took around 30 minutes, slot 17 were 3 girls so I had an opportunity to be clubbed with them. Rappelling was fun entering the caves and sooner a batch of 10 people assembled towards the caves. Entered into the caves which was slushy, muddy and slippery, got accompanied with 3 Singapore girls and a couple from Thailand. People around me were very surprised to see me alone driving all the way Jogya city center and doing these alone. Post the slippery climbs, witnessed the sun rays coming from another cave hole which can be seen only from 11.00 to 12.30. Constant babbling would prompt to search for the stream, as its pitch dark one will not blessed. The spot where the rays are seen is mesmerizing and covered by limestones. Though I was enjoying the moments my mobile drained out of charge and mind was enforcing a camera for my next travel. We were sent in batches to the final spot and all of us emerged in taking pictures in different angles and poses. While returning the Thailand couple hand holded me in the places i slipped by, came back with the same rappelling way in a reverse. Dress was completely muddy and washed it off to ensure am clean and the dogs don't chase me. They had preserved a veg meal, had plain rice, fried tofu and tampei(seaweeds) a fulfilling meal after fast.
Returned via the same route and a bit faster, enroute found the signboard for Prambanan temple and took the route.It was another 10 kms to reach to prambanan temple, got the tickets as a single entry as i did not carry enough cash or credit card with me, couldn't buy the combination ticket. Halfheartedly bought the single entry & It was crowded when I first climbed saw lord vinayagar with a smile. The complete view of gopurams is a wonderful sight, but it was more wonderful towards the exit. Amazing architecture but the hot and humid wouldnt spare you enough time to enjoy the moments. Reached the hostel in the evening hours and opposite to hostel the vendors sell donuts and some fried tampei, tofu, banana. Had a sumptuous dinner with papaya, made the settlement to the hostel and packed up all stuffs for the next day.

Tips :
Reach early, Carry a set of change clothes, Avoid light colored clothes & socks

The last few kms to Jomblang caves entrance are rocky and it hard to throttle the scooter, so be careful to drive to entrance

Day 3 : Borubudur, Diang Plateau, Arjuna Complex

Got up at 4.30 and was ready by 5.30, had banana & the yummilicious balinese black coffee before the exit from hostel.

How to reach Borubudur from Yogyakarta
The transjogya is very close by hostel, pick the line 2A bus. Sun broke early the day and the roads were empty & people were busy going to Namaz, the bus station are elevated ones which you need to enter from left side to claim your tickets.

Yogyakarta to Jombor – Take line 2A bus which takes around 30 min,
Jombor to Borubudur – cross the lanes and take the bus to borubudur, takes around 1 hours

From the bus station walk for another 10 minutes to reach the entrance. Bought the tickets and now that am hungry, ate my cream bun and guava juice to kick start the temple tour. Crowded with students, walked around and amazed with the architecture and carvings, while you keep climbing each floor depicts several carvings, there are several which will capture your eyes and fulfill the art desires. This was constructed during 875 AD and simply amazing with the talent & knowledge behind. If these eminent person are still alive, they can put us for shame straightly.

Tips: Hot and humid will make to sweat like pig, carry enough water & cap.

Buy the combination ticket for prambanan temple

Diang Plateau
As there are no direct buses, took a detour & found a girl who talk in English and helped me to take the best route.

Borubudur to Magalang - 1 hour
Magalang - wonosobu - 2 hours
Wonsobu to wonosobu main station - 5 minutes
Wonsobu main station - diang - 4 hours

As soon as I entered wonosobu the temperature dropped and the buses were very slow, the moment was nearing diang it was greeny and routes were simply amazing, was seated next to the driver had some fun watching the roads. The driver was smoking and blowing towards me, requested him not to do that & thankfully he was nice. Reached the hostel and refreshed, took a scooter from the receptionist and realized there were no petrol, post returning was walking around the whole area.
Found the tampei hot fried, hot and tasty fulfilled my tummy, shopped some food rations for next 2 days in the super market and walking around. Entered Arjuna temple and found such beautiful places, enjoying the greenish with cold coffee and snacking around. While it was getting dark, returned to the hostel & places are deserted by 6. PM. Female dorm was empty & acquired it entirely, was writing the blog, slept early as there was a sunrise planned next day. Though i have from recovered from nausea, still unable to get accommodate the stinky Indonesia rice/noodles. Have been banking whole day on the bread, banana, juice and buns & some hot fried stuffs.

Day 4 :
Sikunir hills, Batu Pandang, Skidang Crater

Woke up early at 3.30 & was ready on dot by 4.0. There was another couple who joined me. The driver picked up and dropped us at the base, which took around 15 minutes. As i missed my light, banked on them for light, was quite a climb in pitch dark with steps. Last minutes another guy helped me to reach the spot as they lagged behind. While walking could witness millions of stars. The sun had some special guest of 100 plus me waiting with flash light and got seated towards the NE direction. Post the wait, at 5.10 sky started lighting and then turned cloudy, fraction of second had a glimpse of the volcanoes which was standing and it took a while for me realize with sleep eyes. Mt Batur vanished within seconds and at 5.20 sun played the same game and wondering if the sun would ever come out today. With a bit of disappointment people started moving and i was still holding the hope. At 5.40 the sky was clear and with the full view of Mt Batur came to my vision. The fumes were coming out for volcano, post the enjoyment and clicked several pictures of diang theatre which is of layered vegetation. Started moving down and had a slip and fell down straight on my tummy with several scratches. At that moment i was thinking something negative which universe slapped me hard which made me fall which evaded those thoughts. As it was hurting badly all i was worried is how am i going to carry my 14kg humpy and bumpy? It shall be taken care!

Next visit was Batu Pandang from where you can view the 2 lakes Telaga Warna Lake, left hand side the lake is composed of high sulphuric acid which changes the color during bright sunlight and the right is the normal mirror lake. No one was around that area, so the lady nearby me accompanied me so that i can get some pictures clicked, with the local talk she was saying that not everyone is lucky to see the colors and so i am. She had seen red, blue and so many :(

Post that was the skidang crater, it was fascinating with the pungent smell and had a feeling of entering the chemistry lab. Was mysterious to see the bubbles and the fumes which was emerging from the ground, was careful about my new expensive boots. Was standing near the crater & merely awed at the greenish water bubbling with spewing fumes. Volcanoes are mysterious always, after all the mystification, reached the hotel, packed all the stuffs, rested for 30 minutes and was ready for next destination.

Tips: if you are allergic buy a mask as it definitely burns the nose.

Take the same route to wonsobu, on the way there were 2 ladies in the bus helped me with next destination route who could talk a good English. There were several routes which they suggested & picked 2

Option 1; reach semarang and take bus or train
Option 2; there are some direct buses to Surabaya from wonosobu, got the bus booked while i reached at 12.30, it was raining and the bus agent had some shelter where i was a refuge for the rest part of the day. Finally had the guts to explore the food and got noodles an egg omelet after several retrospection as lunch and was resting near by the bus. The bus was at 4.0 PM which relatively late for an hour.

As Mt jien was closed and with the lengthy travel decided to pick up a flight from surabaya to DPS. While i was hunting my time, the bus agent helped me to get the tickets done through his laptop. Now the turn of the agent having some fun playing Indian hindi songs and while before i left, played humma and humma and he bloated the sound all through that area. With that note they were bidding a smiling bye with the song in the back ground.

As the bus arrived, it was damn cold and was struggling to sleep, at 12.10 the bus stopped for dinner and they served rice, egg curry, chips & tea had it without any curry. The bus again started and reached around 5.0 am.

How to reach Probolingo from Surabaya
From Surabaya terminal take bus at line 6, takes around 2 hours to reach Probolingo.

The bus started at 5.30 and reached around 7.30. Walk outside the terminal and can find the Mt bromo bus. If you are with a heavy back pack, people will route you without asking. Found the bus to Mt bromo and the green bus will start only when it’s full. The driver was trying to rib off money from me for a private ride, though i waited for 45 minutes. There is a concept of scooter taxi and many people offered and was dubious to take. Later decided to take one and with the maps on, reached the village in 1 hour. The check in time was around 2.0 pm and as it was full and had to find another homestay.

Refreshed had bread and cheese and slept till 2.0 PM. while i woke up at it was completely foggy, was trying to go around check the plan for next day. Managed to get cup noodles and eat as lunch. My bad memory of missing the lights played a toll, definitely for sun rise i need a light. Couldn’t find in any shops which i asked for and the village shuts down at 6.0 PM. as i was talking to a local, he took his scooter and went ahead and bought a torch light for me. Was very thankful to him and started to pack for early morning stuffs and sleep it off. Spent the day sleeping and reading books after tiresome travelling. As i was alone in the homestay, though the camera was fixed, it was scary, somehow i indulged in reading books and overcoming the fear & slept early


Day 6 : Mt Bromo Sunrise, Sea of sand and Crater
Got up early at 2.30 with a weird dream, now is this a vacation huh? I have been waking up early almost every day, sleep & food deprived.hmmm! Refreshed quickly and started to the sunrise spot, wasn’t that cold still carried the jacket and the warmers. It was pitch dark and could only see a blanket of stars spread across, while i was walking someone offered me a scooty ride and trying to negotiate the price,  was not in a mood to talk to anyone at that early hours. I was scared, so holding by bag tightly was walking, with 250 mts ahead saw 2 people walking with flash light and i was relieved by seeing them. Though i was walking briskly and counting the stars, was scared to death of any sound which was close by (bikes, jeep or horses). These kept me haunting for next 2 kms, was thinking whether am doing anything stupid or crazy at such early hours and not sure what i was scared about?
Post 3 kms saw huge bunch girls who was seated around the roads, was completely relieved by seeing them, they were waiting as they didn't have lights and i had to guide them with lights, now i have company all through and reached the sun rise point I within 1 hours. I could have started a bit later, but however was seated in the direction for the sun to switch on the day.

Almost waited for 1.5 hours ad the sun started brightening up at 4.45. The complete Mt Bromo and Mt meru came in to my visual existence only at 6.30. Bumped on many people and couple of people from russia who kept me engaged and we had good fun clicking pictures of each other. At 7.0 started descending the whole and was figuring out the route which was walking in dark. Within few minutes i bumped into Martin who came as a savior to give me a clear route from sun rise point to Crater. There was a route which you could bye pass the ticket, as straightly there is no reason we had to pay so much cash while looking in to the volcano. Based on his advice took the route, though he was ahead of me lost him as he was rushing. Based on the my instinct and local guidance took the right from cemro indah and took a trail, there was a lady walking ahead of me and few horses in the trail. While i was almost down the trail realized the i was right on the track, i told myself in case i miss somewhere its fine i will come back same route and miss the crater. An tactic to convince my scary mind. After 15 min, was walking in the sea of sands, Vast area covered with soft sand and with the temple as landmark, need to walk diagonal to reach the temple. As you reach the temple you could see the people heading to crater. The last few steps are really tiring ones to see the crater and its bubbling water with fumes. The ridge is narrow and if you have a agility you could walk around, else get burned into the crater. Now am from other side of the mountain to the this side and mt bromo was very close by for me. The temple looks like a miniature. After spending sometime, started descending, was fueling with my food rations and started walking. When i suddenly saw someone walking by and on all probability it was martin and we chatted a bit and started the to reach the room. Now i had several tress passers giving me company & i didn't find a single Indian anywhere in java.

The sea of sand and the crater is magnanimous & Every single step in the sea of sand will make you muddy. Reached the trail,now i am exhausted after 6 hours of self exploration, taking slow steps reached the home stay.

On all terms i need a complete head to toe wash, While returning me and martin were discussing the hardness in getting the buses. We decided to meet up at the bus station and while i refreshed and packing took an hour to reached the bus station. Now there were 9 other people who were bargaining with the driver and happy to see folks saving penny for me. Bread, cheese and juice were my stable post the 13 kms hike. It took another 2 hours to reach and a good chat with Martin in the bus who has been travelling Indonesia since 1 month.While i read that Mt Ijen was open and was disheartened and now that i have booked the tickets cant change the plans. So decided to let go and was sure cant cover everything within 10 days. Took another bus to surabaya from probolingo which took another 2.5 hours. Now all i that i want is sleep and food, was eating everything i had from apple to dark chocolate. All i was missing on that day was idly, dosai and curd rice. There was only food on my mind nothing else.

After getting tried to find out some veg food and all i vain, had donuts and chocolate drink to fulllfill the tank. Got into damri bus to airport which took around 25-30 minutes. Reached the airport and had avaocado juice and rested at the airport & the flight was delayed for an hour. The internet package stopped working and was trying to figure out.

Its a long day from 2.30 am and haven't had a sleep yet, boarded the flight and was reading a book. A girl next seat started the conversation on the book i was reading and as she was. She was trying to figure out whereabouts in bali and told her my internet package stopped working and need to work out while i get down. She convinced me to give her internet package card as it will be hard for me, not sure how people bumped on what i want. Though i hesitated she forced me so, as she claimed its very cheap for locals to buy one. Took it sheepishly and then next turn i booked a cab and he was trying to talk in bahansi and i couldn't explain him. There was another person at the airport whom i checked on the driver language offered the drop, i was scared to take a call on this and studied the cab driver was woman and he dropped me at hostel at bali. Finally at Bali after 21 hours.

Though i was exhausted, my room was full of girls and they were so active. All i wanted to sleep off without thinking any plan for next day. Slept around 1.30 am in a disturbed fashion

Day 7 : Tanoh temple, Ubud, Monkey Forest, Ubud Palace

At 6.0 am up and the front desk was surprised to see me waking up early, they supply pancakes so i prepared several layers and had coffee. It was a fulfilling meal after several days which really opened my eyes, rather it was only heavenly meal i had. Mean while rented the scooter and decided to leave UBUD and sorted the day plan. Left the big bags there and took 1 day pack and started the scooter. All through Indonesia has narrow 2 way roads and it take really longer time to reach even shorter distance. I straightly booked the scooter for 3 days so that i claimed some discount, now with the weight of cash reducing am spending in a calculative fashion.
It took 1 hour to reach tanoh temple and spend some time relaxing there, reached around 1.30 at ubud hostel. Enroute you could vision green paddy fields and the smell would throng you. Rested for a while and started to monkey temple and spent around 2 hours and then to palace. While i exited the place near by saw a indian cuisine, went and had mushroom pulav and chick peas masala. Finished the dinner around evening itself and then headed to Ubud market. It very happening place and shopped few souvenirs. you have extremely good in bargaining as they would hike the price the 4 times and its your talent to slash it down at least twice. Mostly the shops are closed by 6.0 PM. refreshed the day and charting out the plan for next day and again the female dorm was empty and AC wasn't working fine. Ubud is a wonderful ancient place which looks historic, ancient and the roads are extremely good. As i had scooter-ed could absorb the roads and the place

Day 8 : Campuhan Ridge walk, teggallang rice terrace, Kuta beach and Kuta market

Oh this is definitely not a vacation, am on wheels getting up early every day and started to ridge walk. With my research located easily as its bit hidden and they were several who were running. Walked beyond karfe cafe and had my first glimpse of rice terrace, was enjoying the walk and returned back after walking 4 kms. Cliff is an must to do walk either in the morning or evening hours.  Headed straight to tegallang rice garden which is another 30 minutes. The rice garden is completely green several layers of paddy, its well maintained and walked down the fields. The farmers would ask for donation, after some up and down walk. Found my favourite tampei and Indomaret. Its fuel time seeing these two as a break fast. While enroute to ubud found several good shops for sovenier retail and wholesale, stopped at a place and shopped few. Returned to the hostel and had plans to to go water falls near by, Somehow i lost interest and got tired of the whole thing. Slept for a while and decided to let go falls and started to kuta. A long drive waited for me and luckily the temperature was dropping by.

While i was driving found a juice shop and he had Indonesia dessert and while i was talking with him he suggested to have some dish near by. Had laklak and reach the hostel in the evening hours. After settling down went for sun set to kuta beach, after a long walk returned back to hostel through the market road. Was checking on the massage and tatoo. Had chilly corn and reached hostel and slept off post a refresh

Day 9 : Beaches, Massage & Tattoo
 started early and merely there was no plan in my head, was very tired of driving and went to nusa dua for sunrise. Beaches are crystal clear, enjoyed the transparency for sometime and started ahead to uluwattu. It was the day for detour, not sure what was running on my mind i was taking all wrong turns and headed in the wrong way. After several detours visited padang padang & binbing beach which is kind of deserted and scary. Was chased by dogs in the scooter and but had a good view of the beaches. Was tired and exhausted, decided to wrap up the exploration and head straight to hostel. I truly understand i need to come to back to bali as i i had many other things to do(missed scuba diving, Nusa pendia, gill island to visit). Well there is always a next best time.

Post reaching the hostel, decided on the tatoo i wanted and went for massage nearby, it wasn't convincing still was ok, refreshed immediately and went straight for tatoo. Painful process but got through it. Went to the market and had some food. Came to hostel and all set and packed to depart. This day i was only in the mood to depart and nothing was captivating. Started bit early based on the road experience, as it took 1 hour to reach the hostel while i reached. Return malindo flights was very comfortable, slept like a horse from bali to Malaysia. Post i reached KL, was flooring the airport was it was good one and then headed again for some food. Got the early morning flight and reached Chennai

Entrance Fees
Jomblang Caves
4,50,000 IDR
Prabman temple
337500 IDR
337500 IDR
Cemorah Village Entrance
10,000 IDR
Tanoh Temple
60,000 IDR
Monkey Forest
40,000 IDR
Batu Padang
10,000 IDR
Skidang Crater
15,000 IDR

Accomodation: My preference are based on secured, clean, and economical and close by options through bookings.com

Yogyakarta : Bhoomi Hostel
Diang Plateau : Tani Jiwo Hostel
Cemorah Vilalge : Close by Bromo Homestay
Ubud : Bali Backpackers Hostel
Kuta :Celebbest Kuta Hostel


Most of them are humbled and warming. When they don’t understand your language or they don’t have an answer they will simply give you a loud laugh & eventually you will be humiliated. In Java there is no alcohol available but most of them smokes, they tend to smoke in the buses and make you suffocate & no one questions them. All along the trip, people who helped me was mostly women who fairly speaks English. Majority of the places, Muslims are people whom you find, so the roads are crowded at the early morning & evenings as they have their prayers

Well connected through buses & train, if you are taller than 5.5, take care of your head as you end up bumping on bus shafts. Scooter would take some time to get used as they designed for dormant structure. Mini petrol station are available in remote areas and petrol is really cheap. Scooter full tank would hardly cost 28,000 IDR

Gratitude Note : Thankful & Grateful for the people below

Parents : Who allows & trust me to explore 
Boss : Who blesses vacation leaves
Indonesian People : Those ever who helped & guided me even in providing a little information
Lara : Who got some food when I was bedridden and helped me to recover
Muthyara : for giving me the free internet package